Top 10 Tube Preamp Mini – Hifi-Verstärker

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1. Nobsound

HiFi Vacuum Tube Preamp Stereo Mini Class A Audio Preamplifier Röhrenvorverstärker for Power Amp

Nobsound - Reasonable and simple curcuit layout, the sound is clear with low noise, adopting 2PCS 6J1 vacuum tubes. The tube buffer is amplified by about 2 times, the sound is warm and sweet, full with dynamic.

Pluggable tube socket design, easier to change GE5654 tubes and upgrade the sound. With standard stereo rca input, compatible with many audio devices such as phone, tv, computers etc. Mini size with exquisite appearance, acrylic chassis looks great when the tubes are giving out blue light, very suitable for home / office desktop audio system use. Connected between audio source and power amplifier to effectively filter the digital sound, DAC, CD players, MP3 players, making the human voice more real.

2. Nobsound

Nobsound NS-10P Mini Vacuun Tube Preamp Audio Hi-Fi Stereo Pre-Amplifier Treble & Bass Control Preamp

Nobsound - Exzellente klangleistung weit mehr als das, was sie bezahlt haben; Kein Hintergrundgeräusch; Hinzufügen von Röhrenklang und Eliminieren des digitalen Stils für Ihr Soundsystem; Bereitstellung einer warmen und weichen Tonausgabe; Verbesserung. Der neueste röhrenvorverstärker von nobsound mit verbesserter funktion und design.

Hunderte von rezensionen und tausende von Kunden zeugen von der hervorragenden Klangleistung und Qualität unseres NS-08E. Reiner röhrenvorverstärker nur 1, 5 ~ 2fache spannungsverstärkung; Seine Vakuumröhre 6J1 verwendet klassische Triodenverstärkerschaltung Hochspannungsversorgung; Klasse A mit gutem Klanggefühl; Geeignet für fast alle Verstärkerschaltungen. Starke funktionalität und spielbarkeit; mit unabhängiger höhen-, bass- und lautstärkeregelung; Das Vakuumrohr kann durch 6Ö1P / 6AK5 / 6BC5 / EF40 / 5654 / 403A / F95 / B / CV850 ersetzt werden.

Bitte beachten sie, dass dies ein vorverstärker ist, der mit Verstärkern oder aktiven Lautsprechern verbunden werden muss. Der kleinste röhrenvorverstärker der welt; mini-größe und exquisite Erscheinung mit klassischer Black & Gold Farbkombination; CNC-Aluminiumgehäuse und Frontplatte; Schönes blaues Röhrenlicht; Mildes und solides Touch-Feeling. Dieses neue Produkt wird Sie wieder zufriedenstellen. Es ist kein phono-vorverstärker und kann nicht für Plattenspieler verwendet werden.
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3. Nobsound

Nobsound Mini Vacuum Tube Preamp Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver USB Music Player Stereo Audio Amp; USB/SD/AUX Speaker Preamp with Remote Controller for Home/Car Audio System Vorverstärker with Tube, Black

Nobsound - Mini size and exquisite appearance, and full-function remote control makes the operation much easier, aluminum case make it more fashionable and durable. Multiple audio inputs for different purpose: with bluetooth/aux/u-disk/TF card inputs, but also as a digital player supporting MP3 and other lossless formats such as APE, FLAC, not only as a preamp, WAV, WMA.

The prt and 0-9 button on the remote control is only available in U-disk and SD card input mode. For safer shipping and delivery, please prepare by yourself. 2. With led display to clearly show the working status in real time, very suitable for home and desktop audio system use. Warm tips: 1. Hifi sound quality and easy use: reasonable circuit and compact design, no need for any driver, the sound is natural and clear with ultra-low noise and distortion. The usb interface only supports u-diskmax 32G and its format must be FAT32, not support PC-USB.

With vacuum tube version: adopting 6N3 tube to filter out the digital sounds of common sound sources, making the sound warm and sweet, much softer and more listenable. 4. 3. Dc 12v working voltage, all inputs are plug and play, convenient to use in the car or on the road. This is a preamp which needs to work with amplifiers or active speakers, the remote control will not contain cr2025 3v battery, cannot drive passive speakers or used with turntables directly.

4. Nobsound

HiFi MM Phono Vorverstärker Mini Vacuum Tube Preamp Stereo Audio Phono Stage Amp

Nobsound - With gain adjustment switchoff-39db-42db-45db, convenient to match better with different audio signals, the front panel are machined with wire drawing and frosted technology, looks more fashionable and distinctive.

Mini size with exquisite appearance, aluminum alloy chassis with better shielding performance and gold-plated terminals with lossless transmission, perfectly suitable for MM record players and other audio sources. To satisfy different demands. With mm signal input and 3. 5mm aux inputwith priority, cd players, can be used as a mM phono preamp and a tube preamp, DAC, compatible with many audio devices such as MM record player, MP3 players, phone, TV, computers etc.

Reasonable curcuit layout and concise wiring to ensure hifi clear sound with low noise, adopting 2PCS 6A2 vacuum tubescan be replaced by 6K4 / 6AK5 / 6J4 / 6J1 / GE5654 / 6*1n to make sound warm, dynamic and sweet, bringing extremely high-quality listening experience.

5. Nobsound

Nobsound Little Bear T7 6J1 Vakuumröhre Mini Phono Stage Preamp; RIAA MM Plattenspieler Vorverstärker; Hi-Fi Stereo Tube Vorverstärker Silber

Nobsound - Jetzt für die anforderung unserer Kunden wird ein Verstärkungsregelschalter auf der Leiterplatte hinzugefügt, der einfach eingestellt werden kann. Dieses produkt kann als mm turntable preamp oder HiFi Tube Pre-Amplifier verwendet werden und bietet eine hohe Klangtreue und einen warmen Klang, der Ihre Erwartungen übertrifft.

Ersetzt werden. Bitte verbinden sie t7 nicht mit minderwertigen digitalen Bluetooth-Verstärkern, außer digitalen Verstärkern der Klasse T, da alle Verstärker der Klasse D sehr laute Hintergrundgeräusche aufweisen. Seine tragbare mini-größe macht es für eine Vielzahl von Szenarien Anzug und seine starke alluminum Körper gibt es ein elegantes Aussehen. Seine rohre können direkt mit rohren wie 5654, 6AK5, EF95 usw.

6. Nobsound

Douk Audio T3 Plus Mini Vakuumröhre Vorverstärker MM/MC Phono Stage Kopfhörerverstärker Tube Preamp

Nobsound - Unique appearance and proper size: vertical placement design, looks cool and distinctive, both enjoyment of auditory and visual, black solid aluminum chassis with wire drawing and frosted technology, very suitable for the audiophiles who pursue HiFi sound.

With headphone output and perfect design: can be used as a headphone amplifier to drive 32-300 ohm headphones. Douk audio t3 plus can be used as a mm/mc phono preamp, powerful function in mini size, a tube audio preamp and a headphone amplifier, specially designed for various requirements. Reasonable and advanced circuit and high-quality components, such as power 3PCS JRC2608 op amps, high-end power management part etc. Can be directly replaced by 6j1/6j4/ GE5654/6AK5/6*1N to enjoy different sound styles.

Pluggable vacuum tube design and hifi sound: using 6a2 tubes to soften, sounds warm and delicate, full and mellow, much softer and more listenable. Multiple audio inputs for different purposes: with 3. 5mm aux and phono inputs, supports both MM and MC cartridges, compatible well with different MM/MC record players and other audio devices to satisfy different demands.
ArtikelnummerSUC-T3 Plus-DE

7. Nobsound

Nobsound Mini 6J1 Vakuumröhre Vorverstärker Stereo HiFi Puffer Vorverstärker Valve Vacuum Tube Pewamplifier Preamp Buffer Silber

Nobsound - Classic 6j1 tubes with optimized circuit offer classic music experience. All aluminium alloy shell; Gold-plated terminals; ENIG PCB. Dc12v 1a universal power supply; Can be used in most countries and regions. Please note that this is a preamplifier, which needs to be connected with an amplifier or active speakers. It is not a phono preamp and cannot be used for turntables. We know amazon recommends it as a phono preamp, but it is not. Tube can be replaced by 6ж1П, ef95, 6ak5, 6bc5, ef40, cv850,5654; Much fun and high playability.

8. Nobsound

Nobsound HiFi Mini Valve Tube Headphone Amplifier Stereo amp Audio Kopfhörerverstärker

Nobsound - This unit can easily power high-performance headphones including the hd580, sr225, t90, K701, hd650, sr325, q701, HD600, t70, k702, DT880, RS1e and many more. Ns-08e is very popular and sales well all aound the world, youtubelink and sound & Vision MagazineLINK.

For the best match preamplifier, it has received much positive evaluation which can be searched on GoogleLINK, please search Asin:B0779S3ZVW on Amazon. You can clearly feel a big difference when you use it. 24~600Ω headphones would be recommended while armature earphones are not suitable. With cool appearance, ipod, ns-08e can also bring amazing hiFi sound. Now, ns-08e upgrades for the first time in the past three years.

New version uses upgraded 6J3 tubes. It will provide deep sound field if you pair it with your preamp, computer, smart phone, stereo system ect. Sound is warmer and softer with more brilliant treble, more powerful bass and quieter background. Nobsound features a low price coupled with high performance in a small, simple package delivering high fidelity, specially designed to provide the audiophile with the performance they deserve.
Höhe3.2 cm (1.26 Zoll)
Länge11.1 cm (4.37 Zoll)
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Mini-Vakuumröhrenkopfhörer-Vorverstärker-Audio-Verstärker HiFi-Stereo-Sound-Puffer-VorverstärkerSchwarz, VBESTLIFE Röhrenverstärker-Vorverstärker

VBESTLIFE - Anti-interferenz - zum vollständigen Trennen des Audioteils vom Leistungsteil, um Interferenzen zu vermeiden. Optimierte schaltung - der röhrenvorverstärker wird mit 2 Elektronenröhren geliefert, die die Schaltungen optimieren, um eine stärkere Klangverstärkung zu erzielen und so einen schockierenderen Klang zu erzielen.

Hifi-sound - mit einem hohen signal-rausch-verhältnis von bis zu 98 dB und einer geringen Verzerrungsrate von 0, 3%, um das Rauschen draußen zu halten und einen super klaren Klang zu erzielen. Breite kompatibilität - geeignet für aktivere Audio- und Leistungsverstärker auf dem Markt. Freie einstellung - zum einstellen der hohen tonhöhe und des Basses gemäß den Parametern des Soundsystems, um einen schönen HIFI-Klang zu erzielen.
Höhe3.4 cm (1.34 Zoll)
Länge9.8 cm (3.86 Zoll)
Gewicht0.5 kg (1.1 Pfund)
Breite11.8 cm (4.65 Zoll)

10. Nobsound

Nobsound T2 Record Player MM Phono Preamp; Vacuum Tube Phono Stage; Mini Turntable Tube Preamplifier; Hi-Fi Audio Stereo Phonograph Pre Amp

Nobsound - Compared with other tube phono preamps, it has very small size and affordable price. Notice: ① t2 is a phono preamp working for mm Moving Magnet turntables / record players; ② Preamplifiers need to work with active speakers or amplifiers then to passive speakers.

For any questions you have, please feel free to contact us. Functions: many turntables only have phono-out while phono signal can't be used by normal amplifiers and speakers. Advantages: ① compared with digital phono pramps, sweet, it can offer unique warm, soft and natural RETRO tube sound. T2 can convert phono signal to manageable line-level signal which can be used by these devices. You can replace its tubes to get different sound experience. Its tubes 6j5 can be replaced by many models, which add much fun to it. Its circuit is also optimized to ensure totally no background noise.
ArtikelnummerDZ049 & DZ050